18 March 2017


NOTE!  The information on this page relates to ISSF and IPC-Shooting Pistol events conducted under the authority of Pistol Australia Inc.


·         ‘Australian Conditions’ as approved by PA can apply where electronic targets are not available,

·         PA Constitution and General Technical Rules apply.


Additional information regarding ISSF and IPC-Shooting events conducted by Shooting Australia and/or the ISSF, available  here>


2017 ISSF Rules


May 2016 Rule Interpretations & Guidelines>

posted  by ISSF 2 June 2016 (NEW)


New/updated ISSF Amendments and Interpretations>


ISSF 4th Printing> (NEW)

ISSF 3rd Printing>


Indicator Flags>

More about indicator flags>

Current Rules> for PA comps

PA Australian Conditions>

PA clothing and eyewear>

Use of ‘same pistol’>

RO Guides>


IPC Pistol events>


10m bay markings>

RFP Ammunition Testing>

Rule books>

Changes in the ISSF 2013 2nd Printing>

March 2017


2017 ISSF Rules

A ‘corrected’ version of the earlier ‘corrected’ version of the 2017 ISSF Rules.  There are few changes that affect pistol:

·         the hit for RFP has been corrected to the familiar ‘9.7’

·         all the paper target bits have been collated into

The re- corrected version of the corrected version (rule numbers, etc.) titled ‘EDITION 2017 First Print V1.1 03/2017 Effective January 1, 2017’ available here>.

·         Extracted Section 8 (General Technical) here>

·         Extracted Section 6 (Pistol Technical) here>

·         Extracted Paper Targets section here>

Note that the above rules are current only for international ISSF competition.  For PA competitions, the changes are not in force until adopted by PA (some time after the Cessnock Nationals).


Chances from v1:

- Art., Annex CE, ISSF Code of Ethics, Preamble, Sec. 6.1, Sec. 6.2

- Rule b) Traps for Double Trap

- Rule 6.17.4 c) 25m RFP Men Final hit zone

- Rule Rifle Sights, corrective lens attachment

- Rule 8.6.3 Pistol Support Stands

- Rule 9.9.2 a) Double Trap Method

- Rule a) and Shotgun Ties Before Finals

- Rule 9.15.3 Team Ties


ISSF 4th Printing

This was released by the ISSF 30th March and is effective immediately at events conducted by Shooting Australia and ISSF/IPC-Shooting.

According to the ISSF press release, the changes are related only to the Code of Ethics (Annex CE) and the ISSF Eligibility, ISSF Commercial Rights and ISSF Sponsorship / Advertising Rules.

Download here>


ISSF 3rd Printing

So far, my reading of the 3rd printing has revealed:

  • Inclusion of the MQS and Quota Places for the Rio Games, and

Numerous punctuation and spelling corrections


Updated 27 Sept2015

New/updated ISSF Amendments and Interpretations>

There is a raft of updated/new ISSF Amendments and Interpretations released around 12 to 20th January, at>>.

BEFORE anyone gets too excited, these will not be applicable at PA COMPETITIONS (e.g. the Nationals) until adopted in all, or part, by PA Executive!

They will be applied at AISL AusCup1 20-22 Feb and subsequent AISL competitions.



Indicator Flags

See the specific NRC webpage>


DSCN3770More about indicator flags – or, sorting through the balderdash!

There are a number of Furphies floating around about indicator flags:

  1. My pistol cannot take an indicator flag”

·         I know that two types that cannot fully comply with the ISSF rules on indicator flags: i.e. Morini Hybrid Air Pistol and (now, very old) Hammerli Single/Master Air Pistols.

·         MatchGuns MG2 CAN use a ‘whipper snipper’ indicator (see photo 1) – thicker whipper snipper cord won’t  work, but the thinner cords do!

·         TOZ 36/49 revolvers CAN use a ‘whipper snipper’ indicator (see photo) – setting the cylinder in a ‘half-way’ position allows an indicator flag to pass through the chamber and into DSCF0016the barrel.

  1. Our sport should be balderdash free – particularly balderdash from those who should use their ‘elite’ status to set a good example!


Current Rules for PA ISSF/IPC events

PA has adopted the 2013 2nd Printing of the ISSF rules: PA competitions are subject to:

·         PA Constitution>>,

·         PA GTRs>, and

·         any needed ‘Australian’ conditions>

·         Text Box: TOZRO Guides>


Text Box: MG2I have been working my way through the 2nd printing and the following items need to be noted:

·         EST
the new wording in the 2nd printing is specific to EST.  I.e. every shot on the target up to the malfunction is recorded and available.

·         25m Allowable Malfunctions – Womens /  IPC / CF / Junior;

o   One (1) completion for an Allowable Malfunction allowed in each stage

o   Always note the malfunction (EST and paper targets)

·         25m Allowable Malfunctions – Standard Pistol;

o is now specific to EST – follow the rule procedures (if not well worded) and it works,

o   For paper targets, overshoot the target in the next series and record the lowest value five (5) shots,

o   For a malfunction in the re-shoot, the old ‘lowest value shots to the maximum number of hits’ still applies (if not well worded)

·         25m Allowable Malfunctions – Rapid Fire Pistol;

o is now specific to EST – follow the rule procedures (if not well worded) and it works,

o   For paper targets, overshoot the targets in the next series and record the lowest value five (5) shots, target by target

o   For a malfunction in the re-shoot, the old ‘lowest value shots on each target to the maximum number of hits’ still applies (if not well worded)

Use of ‘same pistol’


‘The Athlete must use the same pistol in all stages and series of an event unless it ceases to function’ was missing from the 2013/1st printing of the rules.

Shooters who asked if this meant that they could use one pistol for the first Stage of an event, and a different pistol for the second stage were told to expect this ‘omission’ to be corrected, and it has been.   (2nd printing) 25m Rimfire and Center Fire Pistols

a)   The Athlete must use the same pistol in all stages and series of an event unless it ceases to function;


IPC Pistol events

For various reasons, the Paralympics shooting events now come under the direct administration of the International Paralympics Committee (IPC).  IPC Shooting has it own website at>>

 and the April 2013 rules can be downloaded here>>.


Shooters for the IPC Shooting pistol events must have a ‘Classification’ SH1 (Pistol and Rifle competitors that do not require a shooting stand).


The IPC events conducted by PA are:

·         P1 Mens Air Pistol                       60 shots as for ISSF 60-shots Air Pistol

·         P2 Womens Air Pistol                  40 shots as for ISSF 40-shots Air Pistol

·         P3 Mixed Sport Pistol                  60 shots as for ISSF 25m Womens Pistol

·         P4 Free Pistol                               60 shots as for ISSF 50m Pistol

There is also P5 Mixed Air Pistol Standard; 40 shots as for the 2009 ISSF 10 m Air Pistol Standard Event


PA ‘Australian’ conditions

PA recognises that not all venues holding PA ISSF events will be able to meet the target requirements (e.g. electronic targets) as per the ISSF rules.  To this end, PA has the PA ‘Australian’ conditions to enable ISSF pistol events to be conducted on these ranges.

In particular the PA ‘Australian’ conditions cover:

·         50m Pistol on fixed target frames

·         50m and 25m Finals

·         Dimensions of occluders and side-blinders is not applied.

See ‘Australian’ conditions>


AISL competitions, and ISSF Championships

Note that at AISL competitions (AISL Australia Cups, etc.) and ISSF Championships (Oceania Championships, World Cups, etc.) the ISSF are fully in place.  This includes:

·         Clothing (no jeans, or ‘camo’)

·         Dimensions of occluders and blinders: Side Blinders (either or both sides) attached to the hat, cap, shooting glasses, or to a head band, not exceeding 40 mm deep (Rule 9.12.4, 60 mm for Shotgun athletes) are permitted (A). The front edge of a side blinder must not extend further forward than the center point of the forehead, when viewed from the side.  Front Blinders to cover the non-aiming eye that are wider than 30 mm wide are not permitted (B).

·         Eligibility (ISSF competitor number)

·         Limits on sponsorship signage


PA clothing and eyewear

Footwear: must comply: 8.5.6 Athletes Shoes

·         Only low-sided shoes that do not cover the ankle bone (below the medial and lateral malleolus) are permitted. The sole must be flexible in the entire forward part of the foot;

·         Athletes may use removeable inner soles or inserts in their shoes, but any inserts must also be flexible in the forward part of the foot;

Eyewear: not enforced at PA competitions

‘Camo’: ‘Camo’ clothing is not allowed at PA competitions.


RFP Ammunition Testing

RFP ammunition testing is carried out at all PA competitions when this event is conducted.  ISSF guidelines.


Rule books

ISSF Rules:

·         The complete (400+ pages covering Pistol, Rifle, Running Target and Shotgun and all the ISSF organisational and constitutuinal stuff) is available from the PA Office (A6 format), or can be downloaded>> as a zipped PDF file

·         The condensed ISSF (GTRs and Pistol rules) in A5 format is available from the PA Office, or can be +  as a PDF file.


10m bay markings

Occasionally we get minor ‘disagreements’ between two 10m shooters in adjoining bays over who is encroaching in whose space. 

The ISSF rules for 10m ranges (6.3.15) do not specify any Firing point or shooting station dimensions for pistol and rifle other than minimum width (, but neither do they state that bay markings can not be used.  Several 10m ranges around the world, including SISC at Sydney, have the bays marked.

If your range is experiencing ‘property disputes’ between adjoining 10m shooters, it is acceptable to mark the shooting bays on the bench and/or the floor.

Given that you should try to minimise any reduction in the bays, the bay marking lines should be narrow – I suggest that 10mm line width in a suitable colour should clearly delineate the bays.


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