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Updated 07 Mar 2015

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The Mayleigh Cup


The Mayleigh Cup competition is an international team postal event open to any English-speaking nation and has been contested annually since 1947. Ten-man teams with two alternates compete with .22-caliber pistols. The match consists of three strings of 10 shots, slow fire at 50 meters on a 50-meter target. 


Australia used to enter this competition, and indeed has won in the past.

The format in the past was that the Mayleigh Cup team was selected from the best shooters in the Free Pistol match at the Nationals, with the MC team match shot after the Free Pistol.

For some reason, we dropped out of this international competition.


Range and Target standards


Pretty straight forward:

·         50 yards or metres (i.e. Can be shot on the US or international ranges) – we use 50m

·         ISSF 25/50m Precision Target

On ranges without pit marking, to save the need for personnel to go to the target line to change targets:

·         Position shooters with one (or more) vacant bays between shooters, and

·         set targets up in sets of four;

o    top left = competition target #1,

o    top right = target #2,

o    lower left = sighting target,

o    lower right = target #3,


Pistols and Ammunition


The NRA Rimfire pistol specs – any semi-automatic that meets the specifications for ISSF 25m Pistols for RFP / Standard / Womens / Junior will pass in all respects


The Course of Fire

·         Preparation Time        = 10 minutes

·         Sighters                        = 5 shots in five minutes

·         Competition                 = three series, each of 10 shots in ten minutes.


PA Guide for Range Officers

click here or right click and ‘save target as’



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