19 Mar 2021

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About these resources:


PA provides these resources for use by PA affiliated officials and for Competition Organisers in the setting up and conduct of PA competitions.  Most of these resources have been developed to suit the PA events and are customized to suit that application

Unless otherwise attributed they are © Pistol Australia Inc., and specifically MAY NOT be used by other organisations without written permission from PA.



Here is a collection of the forms available for download.  While most of these are in PDF format, reporting forms are in Word™.  If you have, or wish to suggest, other forms specific to PA officiating that can be added to this collection, drop me an e-mail (spencer.tweedie<at>

Word ®                                    PDF

PA Protest Forms

PA Incident Report                   PA Incident Report

Judges’ Report>



Power factor guide

PA Incident Report

EC form, PDF or EC Form, XLS


NRC Information Sheets


The NRC Information Sheets cover information on a range of topics that need to publicised to general membership of clubs.  These sheets are in pdf formast and general single page format.

Please print them out and post on your club notice board.


Index to these information sheets here>


Miscellaneous resources

·         Rules links to a separate webpage containing sources for the rules for the events covered by PA:

o    where a set of rules is available as a download, a direct link is provided

o    where a set of rules is only available in the printed format, ordering information is provided.

·         A Judges Kit a listing of the bits-and-pieces a Judge needs at a competition.

·         Targets shows the targets used for the various PA events: full specifications can be found in the applicable rules

o    The addition of an X-ring to the PA Service Pistol/Black Powder target is to provide targets for WA1500.  The x-ring is not scored for Service, Service Unrestricted or the Rapid Fire Stage of 25M Black Powder.

o    Approved targets with, or without the x-ring may be used for Service, Service Unrestricted or the Rapid Fire Stage of 25M Black Powder.

·         Links various that may be of use and/or interest

·         Manuals is a resource linking to information about handguns and equipment typically used at PA competitions.  Unfortunately a number of manufacturers change the addresses for web-based information; if you find a ‘dud’ link, or become aware of a changed address drop me an e-mail.

·         Definitions is guide to ‘definitions’ of words and phrases used by the NRC and PA.

·         Timers for ISSF 25m addresses the requirement that the targets remain faced at the end of a 25M series, and when timers should commence a series for the Rapid Fire Pistol event.

·         Some notes on electronic scoring targets – for PA officials

·         Choosing a pistol for ISSF events

·         Some thoughts on sights (and sighting) for ISSF Pistol Events…


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